Intermediate Control Points

Introduction to the system

System for sending intermediate times with Sportident, by using an Android mobile App and a readout station or dongle SRR connected through USB

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App for Android >= 8 (Oreo) is now available on Google Play Store Get it on Google Play
Last update: 06/23/2023. If the app was previously installed from the apk published on this website, you will first have to uninstall the app before you can install it from the Google Play Store, since the signature file it contains is different.
Includes all functionalities of the options below. Include punches using normal controls and SiCard download using readout station

Apk for older versions of Android, < 8 (Oreo). It works only as a radiocontrol that sends punches, not to connect readout stations, use QR codes nor NFC cards Goto »


Note: server change, October 2022
Due to a change of the contracted hosting service, it is necessary to make sure that in the configuration screen, the server field contains the value '' instead of '' (without the quotes)


Privacy Policy
SiPunchTxUsb does not handle personal data. The only internal data that it collects from the mobile device is the battery level to be able to know remotely if the radio control is going to have a malfunction due to running out of battery. It is only dedicated to receiving data from Sportident control card readings to send those readings to the server (card identifier, time, control station identifier and battery level).
Regarding the necessary permissions, when connecting the USB-SRR dongle through a USB-OTG cable, permission must be granted for its use. In case of using the functions of reading QR codes or NFC cards, you will also have to provide those permissions.

OE2010 integration

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SiTiming integration

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Rogaine. Unofficial scoring

Special case for Rogaine type events. It allows the import of teams, runners, SiCard, clubs and categories. From the upload of the complete contents of the SiCard during the event, it makes an informal count of the score of each team Goto »

Using Barcodes, QR Codes or NFC instead of Sportident

Use case: use some alternative system to the Sportident card to send data of intermediate readings of the participants in an event. For example, a "walk" type event with a number of participants potentially greater than the number of Sportident cards available.
Android devices allow easy integration of content reading from other types of mechanisms such as barcodes, QR codes or NFC cards. Goto »

Integral Event Management

Evolution of the radio control management system. Before, only a "minimal" management was possible, registering an event and storing the punches of radio controls for later management with OE or SiTiming.
Now you can manage all the data: event, categories, runners, teams (in case of relays or Rogaine), clubs, control points for follow up and assignment of control points to categories. Goto »
Use case: Mass Start. See some real examples for tracking an adventure race and a gymkhana-style activity Goto »
Use case: Chase Start. See a real example, in this case with sending the follow-ups manually by collaborators located at the control points Goto »

Notes on personal data protection

Important information about the European personal data protection legislation and the use of personal data in the CPI system Goto »