Sharing Orienteering

I have created this site to share some original material that I have developed over time with the aim of helping the growth of the sport of orienteering. It is divided into: tools for the management of some parts of events; presentations made for courses and clinics within FEDO; maps of different modalities; base maps as a forecast of future maps

Some of the maps correspond to areas where the APA Liceo Club of Corunna usually organizes its activities, so it would be nice if, before organizing an event, the interested party contacted the club.

New: Trail-O, spanish translation of IOF Technical Guidelines for Elite Trail-O
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This section contains some programs or files to help in the management of an orienteering event. The events we usually organize use the Sportident system, so the management of them is done through the most widespread programs depending on the modality, OE2010 or Autodownload. For those who can not afford the payment of these programs or for the management of Trail-O events, here is some help

In the world of rally, scratch is the best time obtained in a stage.
OScratch is an Android mobile application that puts the focus on viewing scratchs. As soon as you click on the goal (or somewhere in between), compare the time of the participant with the times of those that have already passed and show an animation if you have achieved scratch (or top 5, or top 8) It also shows the provisional position , the time and the difference with the first. See the brochure to get a better idea of its main functions.
Initially conceived for use in the classification phase of a Knock-out sprint competition. See the initial design script for more information about the development of that event.
Once the application has been downloaded and installed, it will be necessary to give it permissions manually for some of its features (access to internal storage and reception of SMS messages). To do this, go to the Device's Settings menu, applications, permissions, select the OScratch application and grant the required permissions.
For more complete information about its configuration and operation, see the manual.
Sorry. By now, the documents are only in Spanish

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Although it is not a product, it has been developed with the intention that it works well in demanding environments. You can see a video example of simultaneous marking of 50 SIAC cards, with storage in the program and upload as a radio control to the CPI server.
First part » Second part »

Management of an event with Excel book. It is an Excel book that contains the necessary functionalities to perform the management of a simple one-day event. Being an Excel book, data can be easily manipulated and ad hoc functions can be incorporated.
Revised November 2022, in Office 2010. It may work in later versions but the Sportident management plugin will only work in 32-bit versions of Office. For example, it has been tested in Office 2021 64bits and the Sportident management plugin does not work. Neither in Microsoft 365

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Management of a knockout-type event with Excel book. The same as before to manage an event but in the form of a knockout, that's to say, including several rounds just to get a final round.

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Calculation of clubs scores. This time in OpenOffice / LibreOffice format. The goal is to be able to calculate a score for clubs after an event. Basically, it is to paste the CSV of results provided by the OE2010 program, to parameterize the way to calculate the score by clubs and to execute the functions that perform such calculation and the ordering of the results. It is a real example used in school and university competitions.

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Merge data from several events. OpenOffice / LibreOffice format. From OE2010 CSV entries or results files in CSV format, it allows mergind the data in order to obtain the information needed to ask for the design and development of bib numbers for a multiday event and also for the calculation of global results as the sum of every day results

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2018 Spanish School Championship management. There are several Excel and OpenOffice / LibreOffice files that were used to perform every step, from the entries management, generation of bib numbers and the calculation of the different classifications, individual and colective, during the championship that took place in Corunna, november 2018. The solution is generalised so it can be adapted to other championship configurations. It can also serve to make the calculation of points by club on a regional league or also the points by department/province/region on a national championship.

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Trail-O Management

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Control of Intermediate Points, Integration with OE2010. It is a subset of another existing system, simpler and easier to implement in order to have time information at intermediate points of an event, in real time. It is based on sending the times of passage in a format recognizable by the OE2010 program through its tracking functions.

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Control of Intermediate Points, use of the ROC system. Another way to track time in intermediate points through a system built in Sweden (

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Control of Intermediate Points, ways of sending data. Regardless of the system used, this document talks about the ways to configure the intermediate points.

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Here you can see some presentations made for cartography clinics organized by FEDO (Spanish Orienteering Federation). Only in Spanish.

2008. Database importation. PDF »

2009. Supporting fieldwork with PDA and ArcPAD. PDF »

2009. Phases in the formation of a map. PDF »

2010. Algorithms of LIDAR generalization. PDF »

2010. Web servers for positioning and precision improvement. PDF »

2011. Characterization of GPS readings for more efficient import in OCAD. PDF »

2011. Creation of material in KMZ format. PDF »

2011. A fieldwork experience with Android. PDF »

2013. Orienteering on golf courses PDF »

2013. An historical map using OCAD. PDF »

2013. OOM Status (OpenOrienteering Mapper). PDF »

2015. Characteristics of maps in very humanized environments. PDF »

2015. Evaluation of Algiz 7 rugged equipment for fieldwork. PDF »

2015. What's new in OCAD 12. PDF »

2016. Methods of creating MTBO maps. PDF »

2016. Characteristics of DEM files. PDF »

2016. Characteristics of LAS files. PDF »


Here you can see some presentations made for cartography courses organized by FEDO (Spanish Orienteering Federation). Only in Spanish

Downloading OCAD. PDF »

OCAD 12. PDF »

First steps using OCAD. PDF »

First steps using OCAD (2). PDF »

OOM Project Status. PDF »

Downloading OOM. PDF »

First steps using OOM. PDF »

Creation of a project in QGIS to prepare some material. PDF »

Creation of a project in gvSIG to prepare some material. PDF »


GPS configuration for fieldwork. PDF »

Cartography for MTBO maps PDF »

Cartography for raid maps (examples are missing) PDF »

Photointerpretation PDF »

MTBO maps

2021. Irixoa (Corunna). Map prepared for the organization of a national event that lastly did not take place here. It occupies the entire extension of the old O-Foot map of Irixoa, built by SM Artabros, and almost another additional extension to the east. There are two large areas, on the west side, marked with the purple prohibition symbol. Those zones are only a base map, possible extensions to carry out a model event and a sprint-type competition. Of the other two prohibited areas, one of them was undergoing forestry work at the time the map was made, so its physiognomy was changing quite a bit. OCD »

2019. San Pedro de Nós (Oleiros, Corunna). Map developed as part of a proposal for the promotion of the MTBO. The proposal is included (in Spanish), either as inspiring ideas of actions by interested clubs, or as ideas of what not to do. A priori it is not suitable for competitions, but maybe individual people or clubs in the environment can use it for training. OCD » JPG » PDF » Proposal »

2009-2017. Municipality of Arteixo, Mesoiro, Elviña, Oza, Liáns (Oleiros). It is the complete map developed over the years for several competitions, especially within the framework of APA Liceo Club activities (like the rest of the material) but also prepared for use by other clubs. A part of the map is the integration of the FootO map of Canzobre, prepared by SM Artabros, adapted to MTBO on its day in an ad hoc manner. The image shows the contours of the different processing phases. OCD » JPG »

2017. A Baiuca, Arteixo, Corunna. Actually they are images fused in several scales to train the sprint modality or medium distances, combining an urban map with a forest map. The images are scaled and with a known resolution, so they can be imported into an editing program such as OCAD or OOM, or in a course creation program such as PurplePen or Condes to prepare something with them. ZIP »

2016. Bergondo Sur, Bergondo, Corunna. OCD » PDF » JPG »

2015. A Espenuca, Coirós, Corunna. OCD » PDF »

2014-2016. Guitiriz, Lugo. Complete OCAD map and PDF of several areas (Montouto mountain range, Guitiriz Spa, Pardiñas Spa) OCD » PDF » PDF » PDF »

2015. Larín, Arteixo, Corunna. OCD » PDF »

2014. Corunna Estuary, Corunna. PDF »

2022 MTBO trainings using maps from

What is shown below are trainings that have been carried out using a map conversion mechanism from the mapant project to ISMTBOM format. Therefore, they are not finished maps because no fieldwork was done. Some trails and paths do not appear on the maps. To be able to do the training you have to learn to read this type of maps that have not been completed with the precision that an orienteering map should have.

Mapant conversion process to ISMTBOM format The compressed file that can be downloaded below describes the steps and the files that have been used to convert a map downloaded from mapant to the MTBO format. ZIP »

Lambre-Mandeo. Along the east bank of the mouth of the Mendo and Mandeo rivers, in Betanzos and Paderne, and also along the Lambre river. OOM » PDF »

River Mero. Following the River Mero from the Cecebre reservoir, in Cambre. PDF 1 » PDF 2 »

Part of Bergondo, Cambre and Oleiros. Several files that make up a map combining several complete MTBO maps (Bergondo and Cambre) with mapant downloads ZIP »

Guísamo (Bergondo). Several different workouts, both sprint and medium distance. You can also download the OOM map to prepare the sprint PDF Medium » PDF Sprint » OOM Sprint »

Bergondo. Sprint training. OOM maps are in various scales, for sprint training at scales 1:4,000 and 1:7,500 PDF Sprint » Location » OOM 4000 » OOM 7500 »

Cortiñán (Bergondo). Same as above. Sprint training. OOM maps are in various scales, for sprint training at scales 1:4,000 and 1:7,500 PDF Sprint » Location » OOM 4000 » OOM 7500 »

Sprint maps

2021. Old city, Corunna. OCD » PDF »

2012. A Devesa, Ribadeo, Lugo. OCD » PDF »

2006. Park of A Baiuca, Arteixo, Corunna. OCD »

2017. A Baiuca, Arteixo, Corunna. OCD »

2004-2018. Park of Bens, Corunna. OCD » PDF, 2011 » PDF, 2018 »

1997. Camp of Furelos, Melide, Corunna. OCD »

2013. Novo Mesoiro Urbanization park, Corunna. OCD »

2008. Ponte do Porco, Miño, Corunna. OCD »

2014. Riazor, Corunna. OCD » PDF » PDF »

2004. Park of San Pedro, Corunna. OCD » PDF »

FootO maps

2009. Corunna, historical map, XIX century format. OCD »

2009. Barrañán, Arteixo, Corunna. OCD » PDF »

Shool maps

Like the previous ones, it is material that has been developed in an altruistic way with the sole objective of helping in the growth of the sport of orienteering. For its preparation, base documents has almost always been used, such as the one cited below.:
IGN, Modelo Digital del Terreno - MDT05
IGN, ficheros digitales de nubes de puntos LiDAR
IGN, Ortofoto PNOA Máxima Actualidad
Xunta de Galicia, Instituto de Estudos do Territorio (IET), LiDAR-PNOA cedido por Instituto Geográfico Nacional - Xunta de Galicia
Dirección General del Catastro, Ministerio de Hacienda

Minimum mapping for schools

Some documents presented in a course for teachers and professors of physical education. They represent the minimum set of steps to learn how to attack the task of creating a school-style map from scratch.

Obtaining minimum documentary sources PDF »

Minimum mapping with free software OpenOrienteering Mapper. Use of scaled material. We place ourselves in the correct dimensions PDF »

Minimum mapping plus. Incorporation of georeferencing. We place ourselves in the world PDF »

Minimum drawing of routes PDF »

Finished maps

These are maps that have been completely done

A Coruña

2019. CPI Pecalama, Tordoia. Thanks to Grace for making the fieldwork in order to finish it OOM » PDF »

2018. Paseo Fernando II, Culleredo. OCD » PDF »

2018. CEIP Isaac Díaz Pardo, Culleredo. OCD » PDF »

2018. Mosteiro de Santa Catalina, Ares. OCD » PDF » PDF A Priori »

A priori maps

These are maps that have been completely drawn but for which fieldworld has not been performed. So, they are a little bit more than a base map, but with the apparience of a final product.

A Coruña

2019. Ciudad Escolar, A Coruña. OCD » PDF »

2019. IES Rafael Dieste, A Coruña. OCD » PDF »

2019. CPI A Picota, Mazaricos. OCD » PDF »

2019. IES Eduardo Blanco Amor, Culleredo. OCD » PDF »

2018. CEIP A Fraga, As Pontes. OCD » PDF »

2018. CEIP A. Rodríguez Cadarso, Noia. OCD » PDF »

2018. CEIP Barrie de la Maza, Santa Comba. OCD » PDF »

2018. CEIP Cabo de Area, Laxe. OCD » PDF »

2018. CEIP Canosa Rus, Coristanco. OCD » PDF »

2018. CEIP Manuel Fraga, Cariño. OCD » PDF »

2018. CEIP Ponzos, Ferrol. OCD » PDF »

2018. CEIP Pumar Urdilde, Rois. OCD » PDF »

2018. CEIP San Marcos, Abegondo. OCD » PDF »

2018. CEIP San Vicenzo, Vimianzo. OCD » PDF »

2018. CEIP Teixeiro, Curtis. OCD » PDF »

2018. CEIP Toques, Toques. OCD » PDF »

2018. CEIP Xesús San Luis, Carballo. OCD » PDF A4 » PDF A3 »

2018. CEIP Bembibre, Val do Dubra. OCD » PDF »

2018. CPR Ludy, Ferrol. OCD » PDF »

2018. IES As Mariñas, Betanzos. OCD » PDF »

2018. IES Fontexería, Muros. OCD » PDF »

2018. Nuestra Señora del Rosario, Arzúa. OCD » PDF »


2019. CEIP Pedro Caselles Rollán, Xove. OCD » PDF »

2019. CEIP Dr. López Suárez, Friol. OCD »

2018. Granxa de Barreiros, Sarria. OCD » PDF »


2019. CEIP Santo André de Xeve, Xeve. OCD » PDF »

2018. CEIP García Barbón, Vigo. OCD » PDF »